Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beaded Jewelry

I wanted to show some of the detailed beaded necklaces that I do. I use the fused glass and then bead around it to create a unique piece of jewelry.

My brother-in-law got married this past summer and I found two perfect dresses (one for the rehearsal dinner and one for the wedding) but then I couldn't find any jewelry to match. So, I decided I should make some instead.

My sister-in-law's colors were a nautical blue and a bright pink and I wanted to stay with those colors. For the rehearsal dinner I had a pretty navy blue dress from The Loft and this is the necklace and bracelet I made to match:

The necklace has one fused glass piece in the center with seed beads and deep blue crystals around it. The chain is made of the same seed beads in a special stitch that makes the chain twist around.
The bracelet has three small fused glass pieces with the same seed beads and crystals as the necklace. The clasp is a simple silver one.

Check back tomorrow for the pictures of the necklace I wore to the wedding. :)


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