Monday, February 24, 2014

Finding My Style

For the past five days I have been battling a nasty head cold which has left me flat on my back with Kleenex up my nose. So, not only do I have cabin fever from this nasty weather but I sat and did nothing for four days straight! I am not a person who does "nothing" well and the idea of not being productive has been driving me crazy. I suppose if catching up on TV shows and movies is productive, then bully for me.

Anyway, in my DayQuil stupor, I have worked out some ideas on developing "my style." I find myself looking at other artist's work and loving it so much that I think, "Why didn't I come up with that?" I have had this mental block that has prevented me from mixing my graphic design with my true passion - painting. Stay tuned for a series of pieces that will do just that and push me to go outside my box.

To start, I am taking a sketch I did and working it digitally and then adding some watercolor to it. Ok, deep breath . . . here we go!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 5 Trend - Honeycomb

I was happy to see the honeycomb come out as a trend this year. Take a look at some fun inspiration that might trigger an idea for you!

1. Wall stencil from OMGstencils
2. Photo featured on Fox on the Run web page
3. DIY honeycomb wall treatment from Vintage Revivals
4. Honeycomb necklace from RachelPfefferDesigns

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 4 Trend - Radiant Orchid

Most people know that Pantone has released the color of the year, Radiant Orchid. Personally, I was very excited to see this color because of my love for purples. Enjoy this organic color as it pops up in fashion as well as interior design. Hopefully all this snow will melt soon and we will see Radiant Orchid in all the beautiful spring flowers . . . hey, I can wish right?

1. Plant Pots from IKEA
2. Editable Chocolate Buttons from TheFrostedPetticoat
3. Photography from Glamourous Chic Life
4. Photography from Stylesight
5. Photography from ThreeColors
6. Photography from Pantone

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Society6 Special Offer

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 3 Trend - Pineapples

Every year you see a specific icon pop up as "trendy" and this year I am seeing a lot of Pineapples! Whether it be a pillow, lamp, vase or wall hanging this sweet treat will bring a fun tropical element to your house.

1. Wall hanging from The March Collective
2. Original Print from Wall Studio
3. Brass Pineapple Buckets from The Enchanted Fig Tree
4. Original Print from Laura Blythman
5. Photo from Life InStyle; Product from Ourlieu