Sunday, September 14, 2014

iPhone Cases and Wallpaper Oh My!

When I opened my Society6 page, I wanted to order an iPhone case with one of my prints on it. However, I had just bought a Pantone case for $35 and I just couldn't convince myself to spend the money on another. Slowly but surely over the past 6 months my phone started to quit working. Not answering calls here, ignoring text messages there . . . then the home button gave me the good old one finger salute and before I knew it, our relationship was over.

The death of my iPhone 4 came at quite an opportune time. The iPhone 6 had a release date which meant the iPhone 5 was on sale! Then, on top it being on sale everywhere, my Costco membership gave me an even better deal. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 5 and with my new purchase, I saw the perfect reason to order a new case.

Now, the big question . . . what pattern do I order? It has to be one that I will want to use full time, colorful, trendy. AHH! Too hard to decide. So, what did I do? I created a new design and ordered that.

Introducing Feather Stripes. I know, not an awesomely creative name but my strength is design people!

I was so excited for the arrival of my new case, checking the mail eagerly every evening and checking the package tracking multiple times throughout the day. Finally, I opened the mailbox and there it was! A cute little white box with Society6 printed on the side. I ran inside and opened up my present and was so excited to see my phone case. Honestly, I am very happy and impressed with the quality of this product and I think the colors are nicely represented! After all, if I am going to tell others to buy my work on these products, I should know what I'm talking about right?


After snapping the beautiful thing on my phone, I thought, "It's missing something." The phone background was something silly I found online . . . it needed to match!

Now, my phone is all coordinated (are you surprised mom?) and I am a happy camper! Check back in the next week for free wallpaper downloads for your phone!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life's Greatest Happiness

Here is a card I designed with a fun quote by Victor Hugo. The card is printed on watercolor texture paper with gold foil on the lettering. Love this one!

Interested in buying some of these cards for yourself? Head over to Design Design Inc.!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Succulents!

After completing my Global Talent Search entry, I wanted to expand more on my design. I came up with three designs that are now a part of my "Succulent Love" collection.

These are prints of A Little Love & Care and A Little Hope on stretched canvas. Both are available at my Society6 shop.
This is a print of All The Little Things on stretch canvas, available at my Society6 shop.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Global Talent Search

A couple weeks ago, I decided to enter the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. It's a wonderful opportunity for designers looking for representation in the licensing industry. After taking some of Lilla's Make Art That Sells this past spring, I thought it would be silly not to participate in her Global Talent Search.

The first round assignment was sent out to about 1,000 artists who had signed up. The topic of choice was to create a piece of wall art with a theme of "little terrariums." When I read all the details, I was so excited I couldn't stand it! What should I do? One large object in the center of the canvas? Multiple containers with multiple succulents? AHH! So many choices and thoughts flooded my brain that I started to struggle getting any of them out in my sketchbook.

Honestly, I let myself get intimidated by this whole contest and that emotion wormed its way around in my brain which prevented me from being productive. Then, I sat down at my computer and thought, "Why am I flipping out? This is far from the first time that I have created something on a deadline with a specific topic. Stop thinking about what other artists create and how well their work sells and just CREATE ALREADY!" One thing that I have learned throughout my years in design / art, people are drawn to the work that you are proud of. Art that you enjoyed creating. As Lilla says, people buy your joy! Of all the greeting cards I have designed, some of the best selling ones are ones that I loved working on. Why shouldn't I have this mentality with all my work?

With this revelation, it all just started flowing out. My goal with this contest was to be true to myself and my style. I like my style, why should I part from it? I wanted to create a portfolio piece that showcased my style and taste. So, this piece was for me . . . not necessarily Lilla. There have been some personal events in my life that have rendered me emotionally crippled and this assignment was incredibly therapeutic for me and I have turned a corner that I didn't think I could. When I completed this piece I felt so incredibly refreshed and motivated. I will never be able to thank Lilla in person for helping provide me with this platform to revitalize my mind, my heart and my life. However, I am approaching each new day as a chance to make something of myself and to become a better person.

When the first round winners were announced (50 designers of 1,000 moved on to the next round) I wasn't upset about not making it. I am still proud of my piece and am excited to finally show it to you!


Go check out the top 50 designers and see what beautiful pieces they created. Also check out all the other 950 designers. Best of luck to all the 50 working hard on their new assignment right now! Keep checking back at Lilla's Blog to see who makes it to the third round!