Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Germs Germs Germs

Hello everyone. I have been so behind with posting on here due to work travel and being sick. 2013 started with me being sick for about 2 weeks and now I have caught another cold. So, I have been sitting on the couch watching horrible TV movies and snuggling with my Baby Payton.

I thought I should post something today, and decided to do a series of posts of greeting cards that I have done at Design Design Inc. All cards can be purchased at so please go check it out and buy some awesome cards!

I feel very luck to have the opportunity to design cards and actually have them produced. On a daily basis I get to design and work in a creative environment, but I also get to play with gems, foils and glitters. If you know me at all, you know that if I could, my house would be completely decorated in glitter. I LOVE anything that sparkles, so as my Dad says, this is a perfect job for me.

This is a handmade card that I designed and was so well received that it became a Valentine's day card and an Anniversary card! It has A LOT of gems plus some foils to finish it off. I handpicked all the gems that I wanted including the color, size and shape. Did I mention I love sparkly things?? ;)

Full view of the anniversary card
Close up of typoography at top and foils
Gem close up
Anniversary and Valentine's cards together
Valentine Card
Valentine  close up of gems and foil

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