Sunday, May 4, 2014

Make Art That Sells - Week 5

This was the last week of Make Art That Sells part A and I'm not sure what I will do with myself until it starts back up in October.

This week was dedicated to the Gift Industry - SO MUCH FUN! Our assignment was to design a hyper-lush zipper pouch with images (photos, paintings or graphic) of something you collect. Well, I don't collect much . . . I actually prefer to throw things out because I can't handle clutter. When I asked my husband if he thought I collected anything, his response was laughter, then he told me, "You collect ideas in your head and inspiration for what you are going to be working on." So, that made me think, what do I think about the most when I am deciding on what to create?? FLOWERS!

Here are some images I have collected over the years

My sketchbook is full of florals but this is the sketch for this project (first with pencil and then with pen).

Then I scanned my drawing and brought it into Illustrator. I made my lines vector work and then started adding color.

Then I set it up in the correct format for a zipper pouch and created three key chains to match.

I am actually very happy with this . . . I would buy it for myself if I could!

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