Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 7 Trend - Succulents

These wonderful little plants started becoming popular a year or two ago and they haven't gone anywhere. I saw them start to really pop when I was in Europe in 2013 and I have continued to see them since. I have been looking for one to put on my desk but hadn't found the right one . . . until yesterday. We went to the Home and Garden show here in Grand Rapids and I found this little guy.

Not only are succulents becoming popular house plants, but they are popping up more in the wedding industry - being used for centerpieces, bouquets and table gifts for guests. With the variety of colors and shapes, they add more dimension to your average floral arrangement. 

2. How to Care for Your Succulent from A Pair & A Spare
3. Photography from Hayden Regina
4. Succulents in Jars from McLaughlin Designs

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