Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank You Cards

As a child, I was always expected to write thank you notes for everything. My parents would make it an activity to keep it fun for my short patience child's mind. Instead of giving me little cards to fill out, they would give me a stack of paper and crayons. My assignment, which I took very seriously, was to draw out what I was thanking that person for on the front of the card and then write my note on the inside. So, for every birthday present, Christmas present or sweet gesture, I would take up my crayons and paper and draw out my individual masterpieces.

I have carried these values into adulthood and find myself wanting to send thank you cards to someone who has sent me one! Just to say thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to write me a personal note. :)

Here are a couple thank you note designs that I have come up with.

Female driven card that would be personalized upon order.
Male driven card that would be personalized upon order.

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