Saturday, May 25, 2013


We bought our house five years ago yesterday and I picked out which room I wanted to make my studio. Finally, I have finished it and it is a functioning art studio!

Here is the before photo, but to be honest, this is when I had already started cleaning out the closet and shelving units.

The walls were a yellow color which was absolutely horrible! I painted the walls and trim white to keep it really clean looking.  Of course I had my little helper with me the whole time.

After I finished painting, I bought a hollow closet door and put white formica board on the top to use as a desk top. My parents gave me an old gray two drawer file cabinet that I spray painted white and used that as the base for the desk on one side. To keep the desk top up on the other side I used L brackets on the wall.

 Finally I did some decorating and now I have a full on studio!

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