Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy belated Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has had a nice couple days with family and friends.

I am very thankful for the love of my family and my husband. For my job where I learn something new everyday and my coworkers that make me smile.

After a couple days with family in Iowa we are headed back to GR this morning anPd Payton is happy to be heading home with her new Thunder Blanket!

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  1. Hi Kiddo!

    I know I'm just your dad so my reading and commenting here probably doesn't really count but I just wanted to say hi and to thank you for all your help with images. You don't know how wonderful it is to have your skills available! Between you and Stefanie at S. Gilmour Design I wind up looking pretty great in print and on-line! A million thank you's.

    Oh, also wanted to let you know that Miss P is really cute in her fashion Thunder Jacket!