Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Logo

To get this blog started, I knew that I needed a logo to put at the top. I have an obsession with typography and right now, chalk board drawings are very popular. I love the look so much that I knew I wanted to do something like it.

Here are some images that I used as inspiration:

I had considered doing the whole logo digitally, but then decided that might not be the best idea. I wanted to get the hand-drawn look across and knew as hard as I tried to accomplish that digitally, I would not be satisfied. So, after digging in the studio closet, I was able to sit down and start drawing. Here is the drawn version:

 Then, after scanning and cleaning and adding a background this is what I finally came up with (which can also be seen above):

I am hoping to keep working this and develop it even further. I know, easier said than done . . . . I need more hours in the day!!!!


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